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We have available immediately for sale, 2 brand-new-built pine log cabins, located on our certified organic beef ranch (www.topofthemountainbeef.com for an exciting look at the ranching operation), in the Cypress Hills of SE Alberta, Canada (www.cypresshills.com).

Awesome recreational or retirement property, with potential to rent to family or friends for their holidays.

Great location, bordering the Cypress Hills Interprovincial park with its mix of forests, wetlands and grasslands, which is home to an astonishing diversity of plants and animals: over 220 bird species, 47 mammal species.

Not only are we a certified organic ranch, but we belong to The International Ecotourism Society (find us at www.ecotourism.org/sp-cattle-company-ltd).


The cabins are both identical in construction and intended ostensibly as recreation properties. They are each a 400 sq. ft., 10" pine log cabin structure, with a separate 3 or 4 piece bath, open area with fireplace, full kitchen and sleeping area with log bunks. THE 2 CABINS OFFER TWO SEPARATE LIVING STYLES... ONE USING CONVENTIONAL ELECTRICAL POWER, THE OTHER SOLAR OR GENERATOR POWER.

#1 cabin is "on grid", totally connected to the conventional electrical power grid, with the interior all wired and plumbed and ready for a buyer's individual interior design choices and styling. This cabin is on 4 acres of fenced and prepared land, with a breath-taking view overlooking the Sweetgrass Hills to the south. The price of this cabin is $275,000 CDN, due to it's view property statis & the conventional power connection.

Log Cabin Alberta For Sale (Click to Enlarge)     Log Cabin Alberta For Sale (Click to Enlarge)     Log Cabin Alberta For Sale (Click to Enlarge)

Log Cabin Alberta For Sale (Click to Enlarge)     Log Cabin Alberta For Sale (Click to Enlarge)     Log Cabin Alberta For Sale (Click to Enlarge)

#2 cabin is fully finished AND furnished AND given exceptional landscaping. BUT it is OFF the electrical power grid and must be run on fuel generator or solar power. Propane (in both) fuels the cabin heaters, the on-demand hot water heater, and the fridge & stove(in #2 cabin). This cabin is located on 5 acres of fenced & prepared land, adjacent to the Cypress Hills Park. The price on this cabin is $265,000 CDN.

Both cabins are supplied with a 1000 gal. water cistern, and a septic tank facility for sewer. Both are year-round accessible, with excellent gravel roads right into the door! Horses could be grazed on both acreages so that owners could enjoy the riding available in the Park and on the ranch itself!


Some caveats re: height of future structures built on the 2 acreages, as well as land practices that would not jeopardize the integrity of the organic ranching operation, are in place on the Legal Title of property.

Log Cabin Alberta For Sale (Click to Enlarge)     Log Cabin Alberta For Sale (Click to Enlarge)     Log Cabin Alberta For Sale (Click to Enlarge)


The cabins are located only 7 mins. drive from the recreational town of Elkwater Lake, and all the amenities of the provincial park, swimming, water-skiing, sailing or wind-surfing, 3 other fishing lakes, horse-back riding, hiking, bird watching. The list goes on for the naturalist & outdoors person/family! There is a golf course close by, and in the winter months there is a ski hill only 4 mins. away, X-country skiing in the park, snow machining on the land. The terrain is alpine, with spruce, pine, poplar forrest and flat grazing buffalo grass (native fesque). It is at an elevation of 4800 ft. or 1468m.

For those people interested in the geologic and natural history of the area, the ranch land and the surrounding Cypress Hills have significance dating back over 10,000 yrs. An Alberta Government operated interpretive centre in the Elkwater town gives all the information on the evolution of the area's pre-historic existence and the presence of the original native people who inhabited it for thousands of years with the wild buffalo herds.

BUY NOW! BEFORE SUMMER... we would love to have the cabins sold before the coming of summer, when folks can enjoy the beautiful summers & fall on "The Bench", as this amazing geographical area is named.

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Here is a short summary of the log cabins

2 separate living styles: electric and solar.
Breath-taking overview of the Sweetgrass Hills.
All year round accessible.
Horseback riding is available in and around the park.
Located close to Elkwater Lakes town.
Tons of outdoor activities and nature features.
Extremely well priced and ready to sell
     Cabin #1 is valued at $275,000
     Cabin #2
is valued at $265,000.

Owner's note:
For the first contact please get in touch with Michael who as well created this web site for us.
Be assured that your interest is handled confidential.

I'm looking forward to hear from you soon

Contact Information 
Michael Strauch 
Phone  (001)-250-803-4242

Email: log-cabin@ecc-ca.com

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