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150 Mile House, Cariboo, BC

Acreage lots in the Cariboo.
Rolling hills with grassland & trees.
Southern exposure, paved road.
ONLY $29,000.00 - $89,000.00
Popular area with country living, close to the city.
Good project for safe investment & future re-sale.

Location Information

150 Mile House is located in, as we think, the most beautiful Province of Canada, British Columbia. B.C. is also the most frequented Province of tourists. With all it's wonderful scenery and pure nature at its best, it's not only worth to visit it, it's also beautiful to live here. Check out the pictures of the surrounding area.

In the heart of B.C., the Cariboo, you will find 150 Mile House close to Williams Lake The Cariboo district is the cattle country. After the forest industry, tourism is the second important business factor followed by agriculture.

Williams Lake is the commercial heart of the Cariboo with a trading area covering a population of over 42.000.
The city offers everything what makes your live easier and more comfortable.

Lots of stores, good quality restaurants, banks, post office, medical clinics and a hospital, all different kinds of schools and last not least the airport (direct flights  to Vancouver) are showing a strong and engaged community.150 Mile House is a wonderful little community. Well known not only in the area for it's great recreational possibilities. It's history goes back to 1859 when the first gold was discovered in the Cariboo. 150 Mile House is part of the now well promoted "Gold Rush Trail". Today forestry, tourism and ranching are the main income resources.
150 Mile House has it's own post office, as well as a school and different stores which will easily fulfill all your daily needs. A nice cafe with good food and a pub will gladly welcome you. Check out more info about 150 Mile House

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